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Oatman now receives over 500,000 visitors each year, drawn by its history as a gold mining center which produced over 36 million dollars in gold at 1930 prices. Oatman takes pride in keeping its town as authentic as possible, giving visitors a look back into history, showing the wild west as it really was. Open all year! Enjoy the majestic scenery that surrounds Oatman, experience live gunfights, costumed dancers, and be greeted by our friendly wild burros.

What a way to spend the day!

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From Left to Right: Frank Chavez, Duke Clark, (Uncle) Charlie Hicks, Fred Eck, (Walk'n) Bob Crafton & Bob Murray

Oatman really appreciates Veterans and Enlisted Military Personnel! Our Veterans Day Celebrated with Prayer, Singing the National Anthem, The Pledge of Allegiance and a Poem that was written by our Christian Cowboy Poet. Along with an afternoon of music by the Charley Conner Band.

A Big ol Thanks and Our Prayers are With You!

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Friday July 4th 2014eggfry2sm.jpg
At 12 pm!

Come and Join In and Fry an Egg on our Sidewalks!

For More Information;
Phone: 928-768-6222 or 928-234-0344
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The Oatman Chamber of Commerce



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Shotgun weddings jpg        Wild West Shootouts in Oatman, Arizona! Don't miss the Oatman Ghost Rider Gunfighters, Oatman's oldest Gunfighter organization taking to the streets at 1:30 & 3:30 pm daily. Show Times may vary due to weather or special events and crowd permitting.

Can't get the kids away from their Online RPG games? The Ghost Rider desperado's can help. These gunslingers been entertaining crowds young and old for over 20 years here in Oatman, Arizona.

 Shotgun Weddings and Tour Bus Hold Ups are also available by the Oatman Ghost Rider Gunfighters. So don't miss the fun and excitement...just listen for the announcements then the unmistakable sound of a double barrel shotgun alerting the town of the impending wild west shoot out! Oatman Ghost Rider Gunfighters collect donations from their Wild West Shootouts for the Oatman Chamber of Commerce, Historical Society helping to maintain the public restrooms and other various charities.


Parson Tom Woodard Ordained Minister of the Home Missions Church
And Minister of Oatman Arizona's The Little White Church of Oatman



Stephan & Renee MacIntyre 3/25/2009
Robert & Jolene Burke 4/05/2009
Edward & Laura Dominguez 5/23/2009
Lonnie & Jennifer Burch 5/17/2009
Ed & Christine Pederson 6/13/2009
Robert & Crystal Jones 6/24/2009
Brad & Kelly Blake 8/08/2009
Jerry & Mary Santana 10/03/2009
Mike & CJ Waggoner 10/25/2009
Rick & Dorothy Cathers 10/30/2009
John & Rhonda James & Brenda Dean 11/28/2009


Steve & Elizabeth Gollnick 1/14/2010
Maynard & Eileen Johnson 2/14/2010
James & Karen Pritchett 3/15/2010
JD & Bridget Burns 3/31/2010
Wayne & Barbara Lofstrand 4/20/2010
Gary & Marilyn Livermore 5/08/2010
WEsley Teresa Fly 7/10/2010
Tristan & Charlotte Guindon 9/18/2010
David & Melody Eldridge 9/25/2010


Jeff & Rachel Satkowiak 1/01/2011
Richard & Teri Pounds 1/01/2011
Douglas & Shari Harrison 1/08/2011
Steven Groden & Barbara Affannato 1/25/2011
Anthony & Theresa Lucia 2/15/2011
Michael & Carolyn Ross 2/19/2011
Luis & Tonya Viant 5/28/2011
Johnny & Jacqulynn Hawkins 10/15/2011
Alberto & Brittany Garcia 11/05/2011
Tim & Jaye Irsik 12/31/2011


Michael & Paula Smith 1/17/2012
Trent & Erica Vangelder 1/20/2012
Tom & Terri Mahoney 2/04/2012
Sam & Kathy Becher 3/09/2012
Richard & Angelique Daniels 3/16/2012
Mark & Jennifer Easterday 4/07/2012
Scott & Robin Kobbermann 5/06/2012
Bjorn & Sascha Elferink 5/07/2012
Joshua & Maegan Ondrik 5/12/2012
Glenn & Linda Amos 6/02/2012
Preston & Carrie Trosper 6/23/2012
Bob & Jackie Murray 7/25/2012
Terry & Dawn Pratt 10/20/2012
Charles & Jean Quinlin 11/10/2012


Ray & Marjorie Hawkins 3/17/2013
Lee & Kayla Whittlesey 3/30/2013
Robert & Margaret Meeker 4/12/2013
Dale & Tenia Evans 5/01/2013
Paul & Wendy Oatman 5/26/2013
Dennis & Anne Jex 9/21/2013
Tom & Patricia McCartney 9/27/2013
Ken & Ginny Resser 10/05/2013
Justin & Abigail Briggs 11/15/2013

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Email The Oatman Chamber of Commerce for More Information on Wild West Shootouts and Shot Gun Weddings

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Phone: 928-768-6222 *** Email The Oatman Chamber of Commerce

A Part of America's "Gold'en Past"

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